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Guild Wars 2: Black Lion Freebies

How to obtain your free Black Lion items Guild Wars 2 players rejoice there is free stuff to be had in-game from the Black Lion market. Login on the dates shown to receive a free item. If you miss a day, well...that opportunity is missed.

Notes: Gemstore items switch out at 9 AM PST

For new players, Press “O” or open the Gem Store Tab, and click on the item on the page that is on sale for 0 gems. It will arrive in your in game mail shortly after you confirm.

Black Lion Free Items for Guild Wars 2
November 22—One free Heroic Booster

November 23—Two free Black Lion Statuettes

November 24—Five free Transmutation Charges

November 25—One free Revive Orb

November 26—One free Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket

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