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Coming Soon in Patch 6.1: Shapeshift Cosmetic Effects

Coming soon in Patch 6.1

Kitty can have Pepe and Wings now
Today the @WarcraftDevs on Twitter tweeted this photo(minus the applied filter ofc). The developers promised shapeshifters that more cosmetic effects would be visible and it looks like they are delivering on that promise. In Patch 6.1 druids and ghostly wolf shamans will be able to retain cosmetic effects such as Pepe and the flame wings from the Darkmoon Faire.

Also of note to druids is that Fandral's Seed pouch will become a toy. The use effect is the same as Burning Seed. Blizzard had previously said they had no plans to make the fire cat appearance easier to acquire, but it appears they have changed their mind.

I personally will be happy to see that the flaming wings will no longer display on the side of my treant or on the very tip of my bear's butt. Silly Blizzard it's about time.

Thanks for reading,
All my Alts

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New Mount Preview

Upcoming New Mounts
Please take my money right meow!
Today on the World of Warcraft's Facebook page, Blizzard posted a sneak peek of an upcoming new mount with the words, 'Here kitty, kitty'. No more information has yet been released but speculation over the net proposes it may be related to the Heroes of the Storm game.

Heirloom Mount
Have a personal Chauffer
Another new upcoming mount is the Chauffer which is granted when you collect 35 heirlooms. Seems easy enough to acquire and it'll be fun to be 'driven' around by a personal Chauffer.
Details regarding the mount
I am hoping that the kitty mount will be awarded via an ingame achievement and not another store mount bought with cash. Although even it were I most likely would consider buying it. For kitty!

Thanks for reading,
All My Alts

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AOL likely to close down Joystiq/WoW Insider

AOL's hardships are taking a heavy toll

After ten years of publication it seems AOL is gearing up to shut down Joystiq. For the past few years AOL has had trouble with their internal structures which led to various lay-offs or major re-structuring of several of their content sites. Recently AOL has turned their eye toward shutting down underperforming titles; one of which is Joystiq. For World of Warcraft players this means that the news/opinion blog, WoW Insider, is also going away.

What WoW Insider means to me:

Screencapped from Kotaku.com
Despite frequenting the website on a daily basis I'm somewhat of a lurker on WoW Insider if you go by how many comments(28 since they first introduced their comment system) I've made. I've seen it grow from a small blog with interesting news to a full social forum with various articles. A few of my favorites was the Gold-capped, Well Fed Food buffs, and Drama Mama entries. I enjoyed reading things about lore, tinfoil hat theories about expansions and watching the myriad of fanmade videos from other World of Warcraft players.
Zapwidget search results on WI spans over several pages
My husband whom posts as 'Zapwidget' visits just as often. He loves posting challenging questions and often theory-crafted quite a bit on paladin/warrior class articles at WoW Insider. He also thoroughly enjoys reading The Queue articles( and especially if it's written by Matthew Rossi whom shares a fondness for the warrior class as much as he does). WoW Insider to Zapwidget was a place to interact with a tight-knit World of Warcraft community.

For the both of us, WoW Insider was a community where we felt that even if only a little; we also contributed. It's a fun interactive blog for discussion and a great place to find the latest news. I honestly hope it won't be closed down but should it happen I also wish all the writers the very best in their future endeavors. We will miss you.

What does WoW Insider mean to you?
-Masaya, of
All My Alts

#SaveJoystiq #SaveWoWInsider
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WoW Wishes for a Happy New Year in 2015

All the best wishes from All My Alts!
Thank you for visiting and being a part of All My Alts. It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but this blog really would not be here without you, and it’s only thanks to the readers that this little blog is able to keep on growing. Sending you all wishes for a Happy New Year filled with health, prosperity, love and loads of fun! I hope the New Year is going to be really great for everyone and their families. All the best, Happy new Year!!

Orcs here, Orcs there, Orcs everywhere!
A new year also means that the 10 year anniversary of World of Warcraft is coming to a close. The game has come a long way from the days of simple Orc versus Humans warfare. Along the way there were many ups as well as downs. Things we hated and things we loved about the game. All in all I'm happy to be a part of World of Warcraft's ride to success. Here's hoping the Blizzard team continues creating a fun game for all ages.

With new change in mind do you have any ideas or wishes for them to bring us in 2015?

Here are some of mine:

1.) Guild Garrisons. A castle/garrison for guild members to gather around in one place to call their own.  Inside guildies can gaze upon walls of trophies that were earned with achievements or podiums/statues of bosses that were downed as a guild team. The tapestries around the hall would be of the guild crest/tabard.

2.) Racial-themed structures for our garrisons. We have the ability to change the guards to our racial so why not the structures to match!  My Undead are not fans of Orc spikes and my Night Elves shake their heads at the Human buildings.

3.) The ability to buy/earn/craft various decorations for our garrisons. I want to make my garrison as unique and customized as it can get. Let me buy/craft/earn things to put around it.

4.) All classes open to all races. Yes, I want a Blood Elf druid or a Gnome Paladin. Please make it happen. Why? Because, why not? :P

How about you? What are your wishes for the game in the new year?

Thank you for visiting. Happy 2015 from All My Alts to yours!

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Happy Winters Veil 2014

Happy Winters Veil 2014
It's that time of the year again where Azeroth's mightiest briefly return from whatever adventure they are experiencing to loot the presents under Ogrimmar or Ironforge's Christmas trees. 
Seems everyone is a bit too excited
When I first logged onto my Alliance character I noticed there was a huge frenzy of excitement in Ironforge. There were tons of players running around crazily or using giant growth potions as they stood upon the mailbox in front of the bank. 
So many giant Mogu...
Giant Mogu were the favorite of the night it seemed. We had Mogu with wings, Mogu with a penchant for dancing, and transparent Mogu. I'm pretty sure every one of those Mogu were smash drunk with ale. 
All sorts of flying mount goodness
I guess the server I was on was one of the few that wasn't being targeted too much by players with a penchant for giant corehounds or mammoths. Although it did start to get tedious seeing so many tents being pitched on top of the presents. Where's Khadger and his inviso-wall when you need him right?

Here's hoping your Winter Veil was a fun and happy one. 

Happy gaming,
-Masaya of All My Alts

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Male & Female Blood Elf Artwork Revealed

Wandering about in Draenor in a new character model has been fun; unless you're a Blood Elf. Left out of the la mode circle of new textures and animations, the trendy elves of the Horde finally arrive fashionably late with custom models of their own.

Female Blood Elf
Old model on the left and new model on right.
I think one of the biggest changes to the Blood Elf female is that she has visibly gained body mass. Definitely, she is no longer a wafer-thin female but instead has muscle definition and thicker thighs. Of course one may note that her rear has seemingly gained mass as well. However, it's an illusion. If you look closely the rear has actually been slimmed down. The look of a 'bubbly' behind is due to the way the underwear is designed.

Another feature of note is that her jawline is no longer square. Rather in the new model the jaw is elongated quiet a bit. She has an oval-shaped face now. I suppose the art designer was leaning toward a more 'modelesque' look and feel?

Male Blood Elf

Old model on the left and newer model on the right
 Structurally I am not seeing too much of a change on the male Blood Elf. Although the shoulders do seem to be tucked inwards toward the neckline more. No more spaced out shoulder pads eh? Apart from the shoulders you can see that the male elves now have a broader neck. It really stands out more when looking from the back as it connects the shoulders to his spine much better. Speaking of the rear, he still has none. But what he lacks in a behind is made up for in his tree trunk calves! I imagine the Sindorei males play a bit of futbol(soccer) in their spare time.

Thoughts about the design:
The Blood Elves newest design really demostrates that the art team can make improvements on our characters without slaughtering the original look and feel they possessed. I'm looking at you, male orcs! A feature both models had, but now are really improved, is their hands and feet. Say goodbye to those clunky toes and hands at last.

What do you think? Is this a vast improvement on the old model or is the new model simply not cutting it?

Thanks for reading,
- All My Alts

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