World of Warcraft: Returning to Patch 7.2

  New and returning players face the challenge of having to catch up to the latest content. The latest patch 7.2 has launched and with it will come a new raid, Tomb of Sageras.

World of Warcraft
  With it comes several new features that will no doubt send newer players(or returning veterans) into a state of confusion. So how exactly does this get resolved?
World of Warcraft
 Apparently the new Broken Shore scenario gives gear tokens that will help boost your ilevel to be able to continue playing in current content. While the the gear tokens are not BOA it is at least something. Meanwhile, you can also do World Quests which will now give out higher level gear as well. I do advise that you frolic around doing the World Quests before going out to the new hub as you'll find yourself at the mercy of the enemies there. They hit pretty roughly on ilevel 860 or below.
World of Warcraft

Here are other ways to catch up gearwise in World of Warcraft:

  • Class Hall Sets will also be upgraded to ilvl 870 via tokens grained from the new Broken Shore World Quests.
  • Dungeon loot has gone up
  • There are four BoE crafted legendaries:  Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy,  The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge,  Vigilance Perch,  Rethu's Incessant Courage
  • The Obliterum Forge questline is removed and crafted gear runs from ilvl 835 to ilvl 875.
  • Four new world bosses drop ilvl 890 loot: Brutallus, Apocron, Malificus, and Si'vash. These are only active when the Nether Disruptor building is active.
  • World Quest loot goes up to item level 860, from 845.

World of Warcraft
Players that have not fully empowered their Artifact weapon can now follow a quick quest to catch your character up to Artifact Knowledge 25. However, currently there is a bug that is preventing some players from attaining the quest. This seems to mostly affect returning players that had previous Artifact Knowledge orders at their Order Hall beforehand.

Hopefully these new catch up mechanics will help usher in newer players as well as those that are returning as World of Warcraft game-play has begun to reach a level where power creep is becoming very apparent.

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