Gold Guide: Easy Gold with the Darkwater Skate Mount

Darkwater Skate Mount
 World of Warcraft will release a new Patch 7.1 for its Legion expansion in the very near future. Here's what caught my eye during the PTR release for fellow goldmakers. At the DarkMoon Faire the Daggermaw Vendor will be selling a new mount. This aquatic mount is an armored stingray that can be purchased with the Daggermaw fish. Let's see how we can profit off of this right away!
Darkwater Skate Mount
Alike the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount the DarkWater Skate mount provides faster swim speed and can only be used in aquatic environments. For mount collectors this is a new shiny that they will want to collect. Here's the catch, it requires a lot of fishing. Fortunately for fellow profiteers we know that we can provide convienance for a hefty price. Which means your character needs to start fishing up 500 Daggermaw fishes to prepare for when the patch drops.
World of Warcraft DaggerMaw

What is the DaggerMaw Fish?

This is a new fish that you will be able to catch on the DarkMoon Island while the DarkMoon Faire is active. They are also contained in  Bloated Threshers which .contains a small number of DaggerMaw fish as well as gold. The fish can be caught all around the island but only during the time that the DMF is active. While you are fishing you can also catch DarkMoon crates which contain several new flasks that have a variety of buffs that can also be sold on the auction house. 

Fishing DaggerMaw Fish is easy

There is no madness behind this method of gold making merely a bit of time. This is also a great way for new players to earn gold on their server. All you need is to have a fishing skill of at least 10. The higher your fishing skill the better of course but here is how to sorta bypass finding nothing but trash. Fish up 1 DaggerMaw Fish then ehad over to the Blood Elf NPC(Galissa Sundew) at the dock on the south part of the island. She sells an item called the Day-Old DarkMoon Doughnut. Buy one, use it. Instantly have +200 fishing skill. Having this will greatly increase your chance at getting DaggerMaw as well as Bloated Threshers and crates.

Note: Buy 1, use it. Then if you need more rinse and repeat. The reason being is that the bait does expire after a day so you don't want to buy these in excess.

How to Sell the DaggerMaw Fish

At the moment there are going to be people that will be buying the DaggerMaw fish once word gets out that it will be used as a currency for the DarkWater Skate mount. You will have several ways to go about this depending on what you choose.

The first method is to outright sell any number of fish before the Patch 7.1 comes out. The fish should be sold around 25-75 Gold a piece depending on your server. If no one is selling the fish then hike up the price to 175 Gold a piece. 

A second choice is to fish up DaggerMaw with the mindset of selling them in stacks of 100 and 500. Hold onto these for a month before you begin selling them. This allows for the price to settle on your server and for you to have your stock ready for when the patch drops. 

Third choice is simply flipping the market. This is a method for those that do not have the patience to grind up the fish and prefer to control their fish market on their realm. Be wary, as other profiteers may use this to their advantage against you. The last thing you want to do is end up buying far more then you can reasonably sell nor making another player gold happy by buying their stock. 
World of Warcraft Gold Guide

Other Ways to make Gold with DaggerMaw Fish

Apart from the Darkwater Skate mount the same Blood Elf NPC(Galissa Sundew) also sells a variety of toys and vanity items, ecipes and food with the DaggerMaw fish. The pets can be bought, caged, and resold on the auction house. The flasks can also be resold for a decent price.

Here's a list of what is sold:

Blorp's Bubble
Cost: 50 fish

Translucent Shell
Cost: 100 fish

Seafarer's Slidewhistle
Cost: 25 fish

Treasure Map:
One time use then it disappears for that character when bought: Faded Treasure Map
Cost: 100 fish


Recipe: Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast
Cost: 25 fish

Recipe: Lemon Herb Filet
Cost: 10 fish

Recipe: Fancy Darkmoon Feast
Cost: 50 fish

Fish Bait: 
Day-Old Darkmoon Doughnut
Cost: 1 fish

Darkmoon Firewater
Cost: 25 fish

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