Be Prepared: World of Warcraft Legion Launch Guide

World of Warcraft Legion
You too can be prepared!
The Burning Legion has returned. Will you meet the demonic forces challenge? The newest expansion from World of Warcraft is now live. The launch has been one of the smoothest ever thanks to the efforts of a new team of engineers that kept the servers up and running. Thanks to the new phasing technology the occasional bottlenecks a player would experience are next to nil. Battle to Level 110 as you weld a Legendary Artifact or become one of Ilidan's Immortal Army as a Demon Hunter.The time is now to get into the game before the Legion burns Azeroth down!

Basic Legion Tips

  • Max level is 110. You can start questing in the Broken Isles at 98.
  • The new class in Legion is the  Demon Hunter. 
  • There are no weapon drops in Legion as your Artifact serves as your weapon throughout the expansion. 
  • There are 10 new dungeons available at Legion's launch, with profession, class campaign, and world quests that offer additional incentives to run them. 
  • Mythic is a new difficulty that replaces Challenge Modes for skilled players.
  • World Quests are max-level quests that provide a variety of rewards
  • Professions have epic storylines in Legion, sending you around the world to learn new recipes.
  • While the PvP season doesn't start until September 20th, players can start gaining Honor Talents when Legion goes live.
  • Mythic Dungeons, Normal/Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and Legion Season 1 start on September 20th.

Leveling in Legion

Before you begin questing in Legion the Broken Shore scenario must be completed before you can step into the Broken Isles. If you are starting of as a Demon Hunter then the Demon Hunter starter zone is a must to begin your vengeful journey. Both of these can be begun as early as Level 98, Once you are done there then the next leg of your adventure is to witness Dalaran teleporting to the Broken Isles with the help of the Council of Six. Once the magical city has been safely transported then you must begin your Artifact Acquisition questline.

Artifact in hand you now have four choices to choose to quest at as there is no locked in starting zone. Choose between the following:

Val'sharah, a zone deep in Druidic lore, is battling the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare. Quests award Dreamweavers reputation. Tyrande.appears here as well as Malfurion.

Stormheim, is home to the Stormdrakes and the Vrykul, which examines the strained tensions between the Alliance and the Horde admist the backdrop of rugged highlands and epic statues. Navigating around the steep cliffs will require the special Grappling Hook from questing. Quests award Valarjar reputation. Very long set of quests here. Very. Long.

Azsuna, home to the former Highborne, is a land rich in magical leylines and magic so condensed that it has formed crystals. Quests award Court of Farondis reputation.

Highmountain, home to the Highmountain Tauren, is a mountainous land with waterfalls and rivers reminiscent of Yosemite. Quests award Highmountain reputation.

Suramar, a somber zone dramatically split between the Nightfallen and Nightborn, This zone is accessed at Level 110.
World of Warcraft Legion
Tears of Tyrande.

Gear in Legion 

In a new attempt at a fresh design, there are equivalent gearing paths, The gear from most of the content now has a small chance to proc the highest possible item level of 895. For example, If you love solo questing, there's a small chance your rewards from World Quests can proc Titanforged and be the same level as loot from a Mythic Dungeon.

Warforged: If an item appears up to 10 ilvls above the base, it will be marked as Warforged in the tooltip.

Titanforged: If an item procs 15+ or higher, it wll be marked as Titanforged.

Personal loot: This can now be traded but you must have previously looted an item for that slot that is of the same ilvl or higher. This means that if you previously looted an ilvl 730 trinket and you win an ilvl 700 trinket, you can trade it to others within your party.

World Quests: A new feature  These spawn across the Broken Isles for max-level players, providing a variety of objectives and rewards ranging from gear to Artifact Power to even gold. There are even quests for professions, battle pets, and even PvP.

Legion Professions

Professions revolve around the fantasy of being your crafter. Travel around the Broken Isles to discover recipes or stumble onto elaborate questlines that take you into dungeons or outdoor zones. Crafting for Legion begins as early as skill level 1.

Recipes will have ranks 1, 2, 3 stars. Each rank allows you to use less materials to craft the same item as you progress. The ranks are gained from vendors to bosses which are supposed to make collecting a fun mini-game, ranging from vendors to bosses, so collecting is a fun mini-game. Also, alike in Final Fantasy 14 the professions are able to destroy any crafted item to gain Obliterum (or smaller pieces of Ash). Which then use 2 Blood of Sargeras to fuse the Obliterum on a piece of gear. Which will increase the ilvl of your crafted armor by +5, up to ilvl 850.
World of Warcraft Legion
Sylvanas....your quest for immortality has left you, vunerable.

Rep in Legion

Say farewell to a grindy nature for reputation. As you quest for each zone in World of Warcraft Legion you will gain the rep for various factions naturally. As you become a max level then completing World Quests will raise your levels of rep even higher. Be sure to note that you must first acquire friendly with all factions(save the Wardens) to be given the quest called, Uniting the Isles, which unlocks World Quests.

All of legion factions offer gear, toys, pets(a little moose pet for Highmountain), and recipes to purchase. A few factions have additional flair: Nightfallen reputation is required for Arcway and Court of Stars dungeon attunement, Dreamweavers has two tabards that require reputation, and Highmountain sells fun totem accessories. Reputations are also required for a few hidden artifact appearance items. All factions also have a unique shoulder enchant which gives mobs a chance to drop a certain profession reagent which pairs great with your profession.

PVPing in Legion

The PvP season does not start until September 20th, but you can start acquiring Honor talents via the new PVP experience that unlocks PVP talents. Earning 50 honor levels grants you a "Prestige" level. You can repeat earning honor levels 1-50, earning a new level of Prestige every time. Most PvP activities grant honor. There are only four levels of Prestige available as part of Legion Season 1. Rewards include an Artifact appearance, pets like  Alliance Enthusiast, and mounts like  Prestigious Bronze Courser

Misc Tips for WoW Legion

Put together the parts for Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite when you are in Highmountain. That zone is extremely up and down. The kite will help you to glide momentarily from high peaks to low points.

You do the Artifact intro quests and obtain the other Artifact weapons for your class at Level 102 in your Order Hall.

Keep up with Order Hall quests when leveling, as you get a item level 810 helm that is part of your Order Hall set from them.

Grab the Reins of the Azure Water Strider from Nat Pagle if you want to save a little time while questing.

Do not open all the treasure boxes you see until you have completed your Artifact Research firsthand. This is because the treasure boxes give Artifact power and coupled with the research means higher treasure numbers. Patience is a key!

Be the Best in World of Warcraft Legion

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