Human Male Artwork Revealed

Hello World of Warcraft fans!

It's been a while since we've last had an update in regards to the in-game character models. Today, Chris Robinson, the art director of World of Warcraft has released pictures of the new Human male artwork.

Portrait Face
You can tell right off the bat that there have been quite a few changes. The eyebrows and nose especially have been slimmed down. The Human male also has a noticeable forehead and cheekbones.

A posterior at last!
Here we can tell that he can be quite expressive, but perhaps a bit too much. The backside has well...a backside! His calves were rounded out quite a bit and no longer resemble soccer balls.

Chest hair and man pecs, oh my!

Frontside we see chest hair a plenty as well as visible male nipples. Yes, there, I said it on a very PG blog. Nipples. We can be adults here. Behave! Poor thing still remains a Ken figure with no groin but to add a noticeable bulge would stray from World of Warcraft's Teen rating. All in all the Human male is as large as a barge to quote Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Personal Feelings:

I'm sure I am not the only one that has thought this when seeing the new Human Male artwork but doesn't he give off this kind of vibe? Look below:

The missing link between Shrek and WoW Human Male
Come on, just a little resemblance right? 

What do you think? Did World of Warcraft preserve the look of the Human Male or do you prefer the old look afterall?

Thanks for reading from,
-All My Alts

Bonus Picture:

What, I couldn't help it. LOL
It's true, I'm having a bit too much fun here. xD

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