Azeroth Choppers: Yay or Nay?

Revealed by Blizzard Entertainment two days ago; the web series, Azeroth Choppers will premiere on April 17th, 2014. So what exactly is Azeroth Choppers at any rate? For that to be fully answered we have to dip into a bit of reality tv history.

American Chopper in a Nutshell:
Not too long ago in the circle of reality tv; American Chopper was a reality television series that aired on Discovery Channel. The series centered on a father and son team whom manufactured custom chopper-style motorcycles. Long story short, the father and son had differing styles that eventually culminated into an explosive argument. This resulted in the son leaving and starting his own competing chopper company.

Now that we know that much(or perhaps you were way ahead of me and already knew!) it seems that the son, Paul Jr. has resurfaced to help Blizzard to create a web series called; Azeroth Choppers.

The Azeroth Choppers Trailer

Video Credit: World of Warcraft on Youtube

The reason given to watch the web series:
Seems interesting right? We the players get to watch this chopper creator as he crafts two bikes: one Horde and one Alliance. To make things sweet we will vote to determine which bike design will be immortalized as an actual World of Warcraft in-game mount.

So Azeroth Choppers: Yay or Nay? 
Personally, I have no interest in the American Chopper tv series nor do I care for any drama that came from it between the father and son. As an avid game player my interests run amuck between many different things but custom-made bikes? No, I am not really with that at all. I can see the unique aspects of it and I am curious as to how it will pan out( as far as which bike is put into the game) but that's about it.

What does interest me is how much resources were put into cranking this out instead of working on content for the expansion pack? The new WoD expansion is supposedly already in beta testing. What this tells me is this: there is barely anything in it at all. Content-wise all I have been hearing about Warlords of Draenor is how many custom textures are being put into the models, professions/spells being hacked to pieces, and garrisons becoming a pretty thing.

Garrions are pretty.
Don't get me wrong. This Azeroth Choppers web series looks to be a fun time in a basket but think about it. How many times has Blizzard said to a player: "We can't do this/that because it will take time/resources away from developing." Yet here we are seeing a project that is definitely taking resources from the game. What are we not going to get in the new expansion because a high budget was set aside for the Azeroth Choppers web series instead?

I'm sure we can chalk it up to precise timing to take away attention from the Elder Scrolls and Wild Stars publicity. However I am not convinced it is a right move on their part. I'd much prefer a content patch for the current game or heavier content being released with the Warlords of Draenor instead of watching a group of scruffy old men bonding over grunts and pencil designs for custom bikes. Mind you, that's just me.

What do you think? Azeroth Choppers: Yay or Nay?
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