Taking the Old and making it New

Disco fever, yay yay!
One of the oldest wishes I and many other World of Warcraft players have had is for our characters to learn new dance moves. A long time ago an April's Fool's joke was played by Blizzard to introduce a 'dance studio' where we could incorporate new dances from other races to our own character. The concept took fervor and a great many of us still hope and dream that maybe one day that joke will become a wish come true. Until then, we rely on machinima makers to bring a little magick into our pixel lives by creating videos with old models using new animations.

One such video is:

Creator: Oveoflod  on Youtube

A short but amazing demostration of using old models with new dance moves with the help of the programs: MotionBuilder, 3ds Max and Wowmodelviewer to pull it all together.

A second video is:

Troll caster
Creator: DSThovald  on Youtube

A casting animation using the troll female. The amount of detail put into this short but sweet animation is something to see for yourself.

A third video is:

War of the Ancients
Creator: Vaanel  on Youtube

This particular creator actually does something a little different. He improves and/or creates new hairstyles/outfits for the outer appearance of older models. There are too many nice things to showcase but this movie teaser is a good example of what he does.

These are just a few of many creative artists that help bring a little extra something into our Warcraft games. Hope you enjoyed this brief look into an amazing niche.

Thanks for reading
- All My Alts

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