The Road to Hell...

So a person commits an act believing it is in fact a good deed, i.e 'his good intention'. The result however, or the action viewed from an external perspective may be in fact a bad one.

A: "I did it with the best of intentions - I didn't know ..."
B: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."


Allow me a moment of your time. A member of a raid team I belong to decides to PUG in order to unlock the Heroic mode of Dragon Soul. The guild that I currently run with on Alliance-side is composed of several casual members. We raid when we can on the weekends. Through-out the Cataclysm expansion we have constantly struggled between guild drama and lack of members attending raid. It wasn't until last Sunday that we were able to come together to down the 'Spine of Deathwing' encounter. After rejoicing and passing out the loot we took ten minutes to try out the final Deathwing fight. Needless to say if we weren't short on time(It was well past raid time - 10:30 PM) the fight would have been in the bag.

However we were never given the chance. As I mentioned before a member of the team had decided to run with a PUG and cleared the normal content. He now expects us to run the heroic mode for our next raid date. While I am writing this a single question has now entered my mind...which raid ID did he use? I'm not even going to think upon that at the moment as it brings up a messy situation that the officers will most likely gain a headache over.

Whether this act was selfless or not is to be determined later by the others. The fact of the matter is that our team has had all of ten minutes to work on the Deathwing fight. It's one thing to run with an alt and clear the content on their own time. What people do outside of the main raid is their own thing. Our small raid team has always kept the main raiders out of random runs to keep a sense of accomplishment with us. Going against that only demostrates that our turmoils and hard work to reach the point we are at now were basically tossed in the can. Worthless even.

At the moment I may be a tad emotional about it. Feeling hurt does not begin to describe the wide range of emotions I am experiencing. There is no way I can't help but think that he did this on his own selfish whim. An act that is laden thick with accusation that he believes the group wasn't good enough to do this on their own. This saddens me to no end. We had all of ten minutes on the fight. Sure, it tooks us a long time to get to the final fight but that was due to many things out of our control. The least this raid member could have done was give us a chance.

They do say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions...

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