Mists of Pandaria: Female Panda

The NDA has lifted for the Mists of Pandaria press event and the news surrounding MoP is rushing into the blog-o-sphere everywhere. One of the many tidbits flying around I personally felt was exciting was the revealing of the female pandaren model.

Players will be given a choice of a red version (with long tail) or the more traditional pandaren style (B&W) with the stub tail. A healthy amount of face templates, Asian-inspired hairstyles, and fur textures will help us to customize our female panda in various ways.

My first impression was, "So cute, but...isn't that just a female Dwarf?"

When it comes to these kinds of things I understand that not everyone will be 100% happy. Remember the female Worgen fiasco? Alot of people wanted a savage beast but I was in the minority that had really liked the first feminine version that was shown. This time around, I was hoping for a more slender model as well. Not too much (She is a panda afterall) but also not so close to the Dwarf female figure.

I suppose it's a personal nitpick of mine but the wrists up to the elbow seem particularly clunky. I'll call it the 'giant blocks for arms' syndrome. A rather too chunky effect that female Tauren and Dwarves currently suffer from ingame. Tinfoil hat assumption here but it's most likely the second obssession Blizzard has with their models. The first being their silly appetite for Blood Elf females in really kinky clothing. รด_o

Still, we can't have it all and that won't stop me from creating one or four. The panda-fu girl intrigues me in much the same way a female gnome or goblin does. I can picture it already...the inner school-girl within (I refuse to be an adult!) will possess me to roll a female pandaren regardless of the clunky arms. If only so that I may crazily run around ingame while IRL dreaming of minature kung-fu plushie pandas in my head.

Thanks for reading!

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