Dear So and So...

Welcome to another edition of 'Dear So and So ', an often sadistic, offhand, silly, facepalm moment, open letter to people/things I encounter in World of Warcraft.

Dear LFR, I can understand that the encounters in that raid scenario require a minimum amount of brain power. However, this does not excuse you from purposely dying at the start of the fights so that you can afk your way to free loot.

Dear adeathnight from the server, Vashj, you are an idiot. Switching your DK aura to the 'blood' aura does not mean you are ready to tank. Wearing PVP DPS gear is going to make you as squishy as a clothie even in LFR. Stating that you were able to tank as a dps in LFR wearing the same gear before means nothing to the new raid team. What it does say is that your previous healers were angels whom had to work extra hard to keep your sorry arse up through-out the fights. Being a LFR poser tank also does not allow you to start picking on the lowest DPS to try to get people to kick that person instead of booting your dink arse out. That bully mentality may have worked for you in kindergarten but not that day in LFR. Good riddance.

Dear WRA, giving roleplaying advice to new players is wonderfully great. However, telling new rpers to roleplay your way or its the highway is plain godmoding their creativity. Let rpers express themselves how they want to play. If you do not like it then simply turn away or secretly giggle at their MRPs on Warcraft Sues.

Dear Blizzard, I appreciate the fun holidays I truly do but February 5th through the 11th was an altoholic's nightmare. Two major holidays and Darkmoon Faire overlapping each other in the start of the month? Seriously?! The net result was major content overload. Sadly, next month my alts team will sit on their behinds with nothing to do. Ugh!

Dear Life, when I choose to go on a short vacation from school/work it is not the perfect moment to take up my free time as a challenge and throw nearly every imaginable problem and family emergency at my feet. I fully expect an enormous amount of future good karma as compensation. Please send my way now.

Thanks for reading!

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