Snapshots: January 2011

Around Azeroth: Screenshots

One of the nicest accomplishments by the casual guild Sweet Like That on Darrowmere was the downing of the Ragnaros Firelands boss. Happy cheers were heard on vent and I can imagine wide smiles on several of the guild members faces as Rags was finally beaten into submission. Good job guys, you worked hard for this kill!

After Ragnaros was downed the same team ventured into the Dragon Soul raid. The first two bosses were quickly dispatched. The third, Warlord Zon'ozz proved to be difficult for a bit. He was killed two weeks ago to the awesome prowess of the team.

Here we have two of our shammies playing around on the upper level where you fight the shaman boss. Can you believe it? We wiped at 2%! I firmly believe we will have her killed this coming Friday raid night.

The guild I play with often on Darrowmere sometimes has a hard time filling up a full raid roster. When that happens we end up doing an alt run or fun night into old school raids. Here, we are going through that irritatingly evil room in Black wing Lair that slows your movement speed to a crawl. I jokingly refer to it as the 'Baywatch intro' room.

The Darrowmere team(can you tell I adore them?) have two particular players that love joking and playing around. Guess you can say they are a comedy duo. At the time I snapped this picture they were posing and emoting 'growls' at each other at the same time as brandishing their weapons in mock duel stance. All the while the rest of the team was desperately trying to kill the tentacles mobs in the background. When I took the picture I imagined a monster versus monster video game scene.

The AH is a fun playground for me. I adore shopping and found many bargains. The best finds were a pair of 359 mail leggings for 35G and a guardian cub for only 85G! And yep, they flipped rather nicely. Yay!

 Speaking of lucky I finally won the fishing derby in Northrend. The prize I chose was the heirloom ring which gives an extra 5% EXP boost. The ring is amazing and a nice treasure accessory for All My Alts!

 Although I do find the overall experience of Cataclysm to be disappointing I still found myself signing up for a full year. The lure of the Diablo game and a shiny mount was too much to pass up. Blizzard sure knows how to entice players!

 The Hour of Twilight heroics have been refreshingly fun and exciting. I find myself valor capped with only a few runs. My pocket tank in the picture isn't happy though. He's actually a Dwarf but the Well of Eternity heroic turns him into a Nelf. He's loves to loudly grumble about how the experience ruffles his most excellent Dwarvish beard. One of these days I'll get him to RP with me...

 I believe this picture speaks for itself. Poor little gnome...

 And last but not least is one of my favorite snapshots. There is just something about that little tiger toy that compels me to have my character jump onto it for a ride. Must, not...resist!

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