Snapshots: When the World Ends

The Shattering
When we login to World of Warcraft we will find that Deathwing has erupted from the Elemental Plane. This event in turn will cause all of Azeroth to be torn asunder. Our heroes now awaken to a daring new adventure. 

Personal Implications
I'm surprised at how much this entire event has hit me. I'm getting misty-eyed now that the world is going to change forever. I guess you can imagine at how sentimental I became as I fully realized that the NPCs, quests, and zones I grew my characters up in since Vanilla; will never be experienced again.
Pictures are Worth...
Over the months, alike many others, I have taken to screencapping various locations to document my characters journeys in Azeroth. Months from now I want to look back and re-visit the sights of a land where  years of pixel memories were created alongside friends and loved ones.

Accepting change is never easy.
Two major NPCs in particular will either be killed off or no longer available until further notice. Cairne Bloodhoof has been confirmed as being murdered while Magni Bronzebeard is put into a crysis-state a bit similar to Han Solo in Star Wars. It doesn't help that these two happen to be my absolute favorite leaders of  the Alliance and Horde. If there was an opposite faction raid against them I would quickly move my best geared character to their city and help defend them tooth and nail. I hate that terrible things will happen to Cairne and Magni. It tears me up.
 It's really Everything it Seemed
Last night, as my server counted down for maintenance I found myself wandering around with no clear destination in mind. Flashes of past quests, old friends/guilds, and various bad/fun times ran rampant through-out my mind. Despite frustrating bugs, the lack of customer service, inept guildies, and holding a constant grudge against Devs that nerf anything related to healing...
There are many wonderful aspects to this silly game that keep bringing me back. I suppose I can slowly discover that change could be a good thing. I can find new quests and explore anew again in this shattered world.  Five years playing and counting; let's make some new memories.

See you in Azeroth!


  1. I'm so excited! I'm starting my account back up tonight.
    I haven't been playing nearly as long as you have but I'm excited for this new chapter :)

  2. (*jumps around happily*) Yaay, that's super great news! Oh my gosh, you're going to have so much fun! Haha, I'm not sure if playing for a long time is a good thing. My IRL friends think I'm a total nerd for even playing MMOs xD


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