Illidan and Kael'thas in the City

Beautiful artwork by someone I wish I could credit proper.
If Illidan and Kael'thas walked into my city I would so glomp them in a heartbeat. Most likely it would be followed by my clearly irritated husband peeling me off them as I kicked and screamed, "No, minnne!" What a picture! What? A girl can dream....

What have I been up to inside the game?

Dailies and LFR. Tons of both and quite honestly I have to take a moment to stop what I'm doing. I feel as if I'm running a work routine instead of playing a game. Lately my game experience has been:

Log into Alt 1 - dailies, LFR, weekly Sha/Galleon group, Oondasta if up.
Log into Alt 2 - dailies, LFR, auction stuff
Log into Alt 3 - dailies, LFR, weekly Sha/Galleon group, Oondasta if up.
Log into Alt 4 - dailies, LFR, auction stuff
Log into Alt 5 -  LFR with husband, weekly Sha/Galleon group, Oondasta if up.
Log into Alt 6 - auction stuff, random dungeons to level up

At the end of the day I'm left with making sure all my profession CDs are taken care of and any time left over is spent on the Tiller farm. Only two of my alts are not yet in Throne of Thunder LFR but it's a ton of dailies/dungeon running to get as close to valor cap as possible. Funny thing is I don't even know why. Ever since the big guild drama I had with my Alliance toon I have given up on finding another raid team. There's no reason to be geared but I suppose I still do it out of an old habit.

She's a bot, oh noes!
A bit random but I was on Delicacy(my L90 bank alt)and had just finished helping out to down Galleon. We started talking about drops and gold  in general chat. To my surprise someone remarked(picture above) that they thought I was a bot not a player. I'm still not sure if that person was for real or trolling or not but I was laughing so hard all I could put in response was that emoticon face. xD

Goldshire is now pornshire.
One last thing for this random entry. I was thinking of leveling an Alliance alt to balance out my roster when I stumbled onto something ....odd... in Goldshire. With no thanks to CRZ the quiet leveling hub of Goldshire has been turned into Moonguard's zone of the strange, smutty, and sad. Due to this I decided to not level my Human hunter but instead document the many on-goings that occur there. I guess it'll be a good example of the bad things that can happen with CRZ that Blizzard most likely didn't even think about could happen. I will say this though - I'm not going into the above rooms or the basement. (Shudders) Too scary!

Thanks for visiting!
-All My Alts