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That feeling when you first step into a raid encounter. Here, at All My Alts, I hope to curb a little of that first timer anxiety with a basic survival guide to the Last Stand of the Zandalari raid in LFR.

Let's get our game on!


Jin'rohk The Breaker

He's a Dire Troll.
"Long-time players may remember Jin'rokh as one of the Zandalari berserkers living on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale, back when the Zandalari were our friends. He was a quest giver in the assault on the original 20-player Zul'Gurub. He was a huge brute to begin with, but he’s been imbued with even greater power by the Thunder King. He crackles with electricity, using both his raw strength and channeled lightning to destroy his enemies". - Wowpedia quote
The hallway leading into the room of the troll.

LFR Strategy -

DPS: Start DPSing(save your DPS CDs) on Jin'rokh after the tank pulls. Stay spaced out a bit from other players. Look for a pool of water. It forms after the tanks are thrown. Stand in the water for a huge buff to damage. If you're melee you also can get in the pool. Jin'rokh has a very large hit box. While you stand in the water then use your major DPS CDs. When Jin'rokh casts Lightning Storm run out before he finishes the cast. It permanently electrifies the water so don't go back to it. Stack during Lightning Storm for AOE heals then go back to staying spaced out. Repeat.

Healers: Major raid damage all around. You can heal at ranged or in the middle(but behind the tanks). Tanks take significant damage from the boss when thrown or if their stacks get too high. Major raid damage occurs when the boss does Lightning Storm. Look for a pool of water. It forms after the tanks are thrown. Stand in the water for a huge buff to healing(Yep, the pools are not just for DPS). When Jin'rokh casts Lightning Storm run out before he finishes the cast. It permanently electrifies the water so don't go back to it. Stack on tanks for Lightning Storm and throw out AOE heals or any damage reduction CDs you can.

Note for both DPS and Healers: Jin'rokh will cast Focused Lightning often. If it targets you, run, because you'll be chased by a lethal ball of lightning. Run away from the raid and out of the water, then let it catch up to you and hit you, leaving a Lightning Fissure. Avoid having the Focused Lightning ball hit any other Lightning Fissures that are already on the ground, as it will do substantial raid damage.

Tanks: Tank Jin'rokh where he stands(in the middle) at all times. Taunt the boss quickly whenever he casts Static Wound on the other tank to avoid lots of raid damage. The boss will throw you occasionally, stunning you and forcing a swap. Get back fast! There is almost always a Static Burst right after a throw. Move the boss close(Keep him in the middle though and turn his back to the players) to the water after every Thundering Throw so players can stand in the water and attack his back. Don't stand in the electrified water while tanking.



Ancient troll tribal magic at its best.
Trolls love dinosaurs, so it’s only fitting that the most advanced and powerful troll tribe should have the largest and most powerful dinosaurs. Horridon is one of the Zandalari's biggest. The horns of Horridon, the fabled mount of War-god Jalak himself, can tear through the stone walls of a keep as a blade cuts silk. Get ready for a chaotic but fun fight.

Everyone get on the floor; DPS the dinosaur!
 LFR Strategy -

DPS: Don't ever stand in front of or behind Horridon. Always DPS him on his sides. Let the tanks pull and then start DPSing. During the encounter trolls will spawn at each door with a fixed sequence. Starting at the door to your left, when you enter the room, the kill order is: Dinomancer > Other adds > Horridon. Always interrupt Dinomancer's heal. When a Dinomancer dies, it drops Orb of Control. If you see it, click it. It makes Horridon rush the gate and stops that wave of adds. Avoid all ground effects and interupt the adds as often as you can. Rinse, repeat, for each door. When all doors are broken, the War-god Jalak will spawn in the middle of the arena. At this point, he is priority. Focus him down then go back to DPSing Horridon.

Healers: Surprise! Your job is actually pretty straight forward in this fight. Do not stand in front or behind Horridon. Keep to his sides and within range of the tanks. Tank damage increases with each stack. Avoid ground effects as the adds pour out from the doors. Interupt and dispel magic effects as often as you can. When all the doors are broken, the War-god Jalak spawns in the middle of the arena. At this point, tank healing(Jalak hits like a truck on the tanks) is your sole duty as there is no other damage to the raid.

Tanks: One tank on the boss, the other stands by the doors to quickly pick up the adds. When Horridon charges a gate and closes it, then swap with the other tank. Keep this in mind - you are always switching positions.

Boss tank: Keep Horridon in the middle as much as you can, turned so that its side is facing the raid. Important: He does two abilities of note. Triple Puncture which puts a stacking debuff on you, and Double Swipe, a front and rear cone ability that you can (and should) sidestep away from.

Add tank: The adds come out over time and are spread out, try to pick up as many as possible, but it's hard. Don't worry if hunter or lock pets tank an add. Keep picking up other ones. Put a skull icon on the Dinomancer when it spawns and always interrupt its heal. Avoid the ground efffects as best as you can.

When all the doors are broken the War-god Jalak spawns in the middle of the arena. He needs to be picked up by the tank not holding Horridon and focused down. Cycle through and use your survival CDs as War-god Jalak hits like a truck.


Council of Elders

Pah, we gonna bury ya...
The history of the troll tribes -- the Drakkari, the Farraki, the Amani, and the Gurubashi -- is awash with millennia of betrayal and conflict, but the Zandalari's promise of a new, unstoppable empire has finally united these desparate troll leaders. Talk about a hectic fight. This one has lots of movement, target switching, zones to avoid, and occasional adds.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder’s defeat in the Mogu’shan Vaults was merely a setback
 LFR Strategy -

Recently I've noticed LFR groups seem to be focusing down Sul to eliminate the mess on the floor and the sand adds. Let me say this, however, this is only a viable strategy if the DPS is high enough. Any DPS below 50K will result in a terrible and fast wipe. If  the overall DPS is high then this zerg method is good. It's still vital that the empowered boss be DPSed down before it reaches full power. Concentrating half the DPS on the empowered add and half the DPS on Sul seems to work out fairly well, but again, only if the damage numbers are all high.

DPS: Kill Order priority: Blessed (or Shadowed) Loa Spirit > Sand Elemental > Empowered Boss > Other bosses. Focus on the empowered boss (larger and shadowy purple) when there are no adds up. Only DPS a non-empowered boss when it is near death to help finish it off. If you are on either caster boss, try to interrupt whenever possible. Immediately AoE down the sand elementals when they spawn. Avoid standing in lightning, quicksand, or anything else in this fight. When you see a player get Frostbite, stack on the player as it helps to reduce the damage. If you get focused by the High Priestess for a Shadowed Loa Spirit, start kiting(don't let it touch you) the spirit around so that it can be killed.

Healers: There is a ton of heavy damage flying around in this encounter. The tanks will be taking large amounts if they get frozen or during an add phase. Dispel the magic effect (a 30 second root in quicksand) that people will be getting from time to time. Sandstorm, and Kazra'jin's Overload, are heavy AOE heal periods. Use your raid-wide damage reduction CDs during these! Avoid standing in ground effects.

Tanks: Only two of the four bosses are tankable - Frost King Malakk and High Priestess Mar'li. Each tank should pick up one of the tankable bosses. Keep aggro on the others. In addition to the bosses, when Sul the Sandcrawler becomes empowered he summons sand elementals. These need to be tanked and killed quickly. Put a skull mark on the boss that is empowered so DPS will focus on that target. Try to keep Malakk and Sul close to the empowered target so they can be cleaved.

Frost King Tank - The boss will stack a debuff on you called Frigid Assault. If it reaches 15 stacks the debuff will disappear and the player becomes frozen for 15 seconds. Talk to your other tank. Depending on how you want to play it, you can either swap before you freeze or simply allow yourself to become frozen and the healers can heal through a zero avoidance period.

Priestess Tank
- Try to tank her somewhat apart from the other bosses, as she summons Blessed Loa Spirits with roughly 1M health that run toward the weakest boss and heals them. Mark the spirits(not the skull as that's used for the empowered boss) so that the raid can kill them. Interrupt her Wrath of the Loa spell whenever possible to cut back on damage taken.


Conclusion: At last, the shiny loot! I hope this Last Stand of the Zandalari LFR Guide helps you to become familiar with the encounters. Good luck, have fun, and look forward to the second half of the LFR guide soon.

Thanks for reading!
"May the epics rain down upon your character".
-All My Alts

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