Exploring Guild Wars 2 Again

A female Norn explores snowy mountains on a rabbit mount
So a bunny and a mage head to the mountains...
 These days I've been dabbling in Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet. Though World of Warcraft sent me a gift of free 7 days to spend in Azeroth I found myself not entirely able to go back. And I'll be honest here, I still don't know quite why.

I've leveled up a handful of characters in GW2 to max. Took some time to explore fractals, the lack of dungeons, and raids. I've hopped onto trains that do Hero Points, or World Bosses or Bounties. I've even gotten the griffon mount. Which isn't too hard but cripes is it a long set of things to do before you get the blasted thing. Stupid bird-cat doesn't even truly fly.

GW2, Guild Wars 2 hyena and a Charr
This is the effect of a Bobblehead Labratory. It makes everything look like a Bobblehead.
So the mounts aren't anything alike the mounts I'm accustomed too in World of Warcraft. I do miss that much at least. Also my hoards of gold. Making gold in GW2 is a pain. There's no real way to make gold apart from farming and that's not something I want to spend hours doing to get a few coins into my bank.

But the gameplay in the max level zones. Who in their mind thought it would be "fun" to have the entire map chase your character down? Or worse, if you simply sit still there is a very high probability that your character will be mauled or killed if you AFK for too long. There is no safe place in that game. None outside of the main cities.

Which is insane. Yet I keep playing. For now, at least until my patience withers away with the constant massacre of my character.

One of the real negatives of Guild Wars 2 is that single-player gameplay is not advisable. Nearly everything takes a group - champions, elites, a majority of chain quests. Because the world is programmed to be unkind to those that like to explore or enjoy scenery. It's a rush, rush, feeling at the endgame. I'm not so sure the good times have been outweighing the bad.


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