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Playing Guild Wars 2 as a World of Warcraft Player

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World Boss Fight in GW2
Whether out of boredom or whimsy, I'm currently not on World of Warcraft but in Guild Wars 2. I've been exclusively playing WoW for the past 12+ years.

The Burning Throne raid has intrigued my interest but not so much as it would have. I suppose because I've seen the game's potential dwindle over time. It's not like it used to be nor will it ever be. Which is to say, that I've finally freed myself to explore other options.
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Meet Ariella Elensar
When I first jumped into Guild Wars 2 I noted an appalling lack of pretty races. This is entirely a personal preference but I dislike 'ugly' such as the female Charr(a giant cat cow). The Norn are giants but are also humanoid in appearance. I chose this one to begin my first adventure. She's an elementalist but I call her a shaman out of Blizzard habit.

Which brings me to playing this game as a WoW player. I cannot simply give up over ten years worth of memories to flip a switch off and on to a new game. One of those things is the ingrained mechanics in WoW. The first lesson a player learns is that the monsters and bosses aren't a simple tank n'spank. Nor can you don a hunter's hat to stand in bad 24/7. This is something I'm still learning after two weeks of dabbling in GW2. And I also discovered the developers in GW2 are diabolical but I'll go into that in another entry.

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Fantasy Landscape

Is Guild Wars 2 a replacement for World of Warcraft? Oh heck no, I haven't quit. Look at how long I've been playing and tell me to stop all of a sudden? Nope! But I am now more open to playing other MMORPGs and right now Guild Wars 2 fits in my life. In fact, it's pretty fun and though I dislike the hardcore aspects, the punishments for constantly dying to every little thing(And I do mean, constantly) it's refreshing to start a new adventure elsewhere.

My journey with Azeroth hasn't halted but my adventures with Tyria have only just begun.

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