CarBot Animations: Warsong Gulch episode

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Murlocs, murlocs everywhere!
Jonathon Burton is the creator of the fun animated antics of CarBot Animations. Using a cute drawing style, animation, and a quirky sense of humor, he creates a series of cartoon parodies. One of the newest cartoon series CarBot Animations has begun creating is based on the World of Warcraft.

The latest episode is based on a Horde vs Alliance PVP match in the heart of Warsong Gulch. Have a look for yourself at this amazing animator's work --

Wowcraft Episode 7 Warsong Gulch (Part 1)
Creator: Jonathon Burton

Visit CarBot Animations at Youtube here.
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World of Warcraft is © Blizzard Entertainment. All characters, images and intellectual property belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

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