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World of Warcraft movie logo and props

At the San Diego Comic Convention a logo, shield and sword, and a famous hammer were showcased for all to see. Duncan Jones movie adaptation of World of Warcraft has been surrounded in the most part in a veil of secrecy. It's great to be able to see a sneak peek at what we can expect.

The Logo:

Flames of red  alongside the blue cover the name
The coloring of the logo is both red(Horde) and blue(Alliance). If you recall from last years Blizzcon it was hinted that this movie would attempt to depict both sides as neither good or evil. However doesn't it seem like the red flames are overtaking the blue color? I'm probably looking too much at it but it seems that way.

Alliance gold shield and sword:

Large weapons held by human hands
A full body shield with a gold lion crest sits next to a very large ornate sword. Could this be the weapons to the main Alliance character of the movie? This set seems far too detailed to belong to all of the solidiers in the Alliance army. Time will tell...

Detailed view of the sword:

The hilt to the Alliance sword
Up close we can see the amazing amount of detail put into the hilt of the sword. Two blue gems set in a diamond shape shine brightly against the heavy metal. I do have to say that it seems to be a very heavy sword to have to handle. The Alliance member that welds this blade has great strength.

The Doomhammer:

A very huge weapon indeed
"It is called the Doomhammer because when its owner takes it into battle, it spells doom for the enemy." - Orgrim Doomhammer

Composed of solid granite the Doomhammer is a weapon relic that is passed down from father to son. In the picture above you can tell how large the weapon scales to a human hand. The orcs are undoubtedly built larger and are fully capable of welding this great hammer with ease.

More to Come:

This Saturday there will be a Legendary panel at the Comic Convention. Everyone is anticipating more teasers to be revealed.

What do you think of the movie logo and weapons thus far? Wouldn't it be great if these items were one day auctioned off to the public after the movie is released? Imagine the possibilities of owning one of the pieces for your own collection!

Credit Source: All of the pictures in this entry are courtesy of Bashiok from his Twitter feed located here or a manual link to the URL:(

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