Possible New Night Elf Female Character

Ever since the folks at Blizzard have announced an 'Alpha' process for Warlods of Draenor the innovative dataminers of the WoW community have taken to scrounging up as much information as they can for the upcoming expansion.

Tyrande hair on the New Night Elf Female Character
Now with everything that comes in relation to datamining the bits and pieces revealed may or may not appear in the expansion. However, it's still fun discovering the possible new information such as:

Possible New Night Elf Female Character:

Now with smoother glossy skin!
Although unfinished(and possibly not even the finished texture) we can see where the WoW artists are taking our favorite Amazon-like Elf girl. She still retains an atheletic build and the stomach textures now show a very visible six pack on the abdomen. Her shoulders are especially square and robuff. We can see she uses her bow quite often by the muscle definition along the arms. I can imagine that when she flexes the muscles will become even more apparent. This is no damsel in distress!

Front New versus Front Old:

Doesn't seem to be too much work done on the mesh so far.
Hopefully when the character is finalized the ears are not as huge. The ears were long before but with the new texture they seem rather creepy. The style choice of the under garments seems rather interesting. As a female I am noting a design that cuts low on the breast which does nothing for support. Well, I shouldn't be too surprised. It is a fantasy game afterall. Allright I can nitpit on the design at least? What are the strange curly flarse at the top? Tendrils? I'm not even going there...

Alpha Video of Night Elf Female Character:

Video Made by  InicoWc3 on YouTube

Wrap it Up:

I'm sure the lack of hair and finished facial textures are hurting this possible new character edit. Overall the Blizzard artists are trying to keep true to the original character design. Unfortunately I do believe too much emphasis is being placed on the muscle definition. Yes, the Night Elf females are suppose to be warlike and very close to Amazons. However, that doesn't mean they should look like She-Hulk either. It'll be interesting to see the final reveal and see how far off this datamined texture is from the finished product.

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