Dear So and So...

Welcome to another edition of 'Dear So and So', an often sadistic, offhand, silly, facepalm moment, open letter to people/things I encounter in World of Warcraft.

Looking for Dungeon is sometimes a disaster.
Dear So and So,

it all started when my panda priest finally made her way to Northrend. I decided that the quickest way to level was to quest and also queue up for dungeons. Cripes, was I ever wrong!

There is nothing random if it's the same dungeon over and over!
Utguarde Keep. Utguarde Keep and nothing but Utguarde Keep over and over again. Why are we even going into the queue for a random dungeon if all we get is the same dungeon? The LFD(looking for dungeon) feature. It boggles my mind. My panda priest was literally at her wits end as well. Here we were at L61 and still getting Utguarde Keep as our random dungeon. I decided to try my luck one more time.

*Enter epic opera music here*
Our luck had changed. Instead of looking at the Utguarde Keep loading screen we were presented with this new shiny. Bring on the Nexus! Once inside the dungeon I picked up the quests and set about to sail through the instance with the rest of the group. I shouldn't have been so eager. If only I had known...

A pretty literal representation of what I went through in the dungeon.
The tank was a warrior in a DPS spec. He had no shield instead welded a two-handed sword. Most of us were in heirlooms so I figured that we could handle this small problem. Except that the first thing the warrior did was run through, hit the first mob, then continued all the way to the ice room(the one where all the figures are encased in ice) and aggro'd them all. Our healer must have been pulling out every CD to heal us all up right? No, not at all. Instead, the healer(whom was in agility gear) was using spinning crane kick non-stop. This was the only healing spell the healer used for the rest of the instance. The 'tank' kept on pulling huge groups of mobs up until the end as well.

Nexus shouldn't be hard nor this scary.
The three DPS somehow managed to keep ourselves alive through out it all. Up until we reached the part where the elementals, fawn ladies, and treants wander around. The tank kept up with his haphazard pulling and the healer continued 'spinning crane kicking' to heal. None of that helped the DPS who kept getting mobbed by the monsters. Our health dwindled so fast in that room we started to go down one by one. The tank and healer didn't stop to rez us and kept on going.

Her name was Keristrasza.
Why did I continue with this group? I have no idea. One part insanity from running all those Utguarde Keeps runs and second part...well, it was utter insanity. We finally reached the end of the instance. The tank aggro'd the boss and five seconds after the pull? Keristrasza turned around and ate the warlock. You know how in that room there is a stacking debuff applied if you don't constantly move? We had that bit under control. Except that the boss randomly ice blocks a player in place. This is where the healer should dispell the magic effect. Except that our healer was too busy spinning kicking around the room. Not long after the hunter went down because he couldn't get out of the ice block in time to move.Then the tank died. The monk began to hit on the dragon. Keristrasza was at 30% health. I wasn't seeing a good outcome to the fight so I basically dropped group at that point. Enough was enough. Was it too much to ask for a real tank and healer?

Dear So and So, the next time I complain about Utguarde Keep I think I'll keep my mouth shut. I'll take a mundane run of that instance over that catastrophic Nexus run any day of the week. And believe it or not, at L62 I was still getting that same Utguarde Keep instance.  /headdesks

Thanks for reading!
-All My Alts