Snapshots: Flip-floppity

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(¸.·´ (¸.* Snapshots for January 2013

Time passes in a whirlwind for my cadre of alts this month. Here's a recap and also an explaination as to why I'm more Horde-centric as of late. Enjoy!

He looks at you with beady little eyes...of doom!
It figures. Ever since I first saw the battle pet 'terrible turnip' I wanted one of my own. The way to get one is to plant any seeds(even songbells or saplings)on your farm. If you are lucky, an ominous seed will be harvested from your crops. Which you then plant and will eventually turn into a 'terrible turnip'. Except that I had no patience, caved in the other day,  and bought one on the auction house. Since then, a few of my alt farms have been harvesting the special seeds. I now have three terrible turnips. The irony!

Even pet demons needs the special treatment.
My warlock, Delicacy. Who would have figured that my primary Horde-side bank alt would one day do more than babysit the auction house? Certainly not I. After hitting the gold cap on my fifth character I had decided that it was time to actually enjoy the game for a change. Here Deli(and beholder demon) is enjoying the cozy comforts of the Horde-side portion of the Vale's inn. I think it's amusing that the Alliance-side inn is a wide open area with a few beds whilst the Horde-side has private rooms complete with hot spa. Talk about the lap of luxury.

Cherry blossoms everywhere!
After about three weeks of off and on again dailies on Delicacy with the Cloud Serpents I gained exalted status. I chose a gold(of course! It's for my bank alt afterall) dragon for my first mount. Now that I'm exalted I can see the various wild serpent pets floating about in the Arbortorium. The spawns for these pets are few and far. Farming for days and I've only seen a small handful of Jade and a Ruby serpent pet. Not to forget to mention the quality of these have been poor and common. Either my luck is bad or finding a rare quality serpent is going to take serious dedication.

Real Heroes never die.
At about the same time that I earned exalted status with the Cloud Serpents I also hit exalted with the Klaxxi. The storyline that is given afterwards where certain truths are revealed about the mantid left me with a bit of a shock factor. There is always more than meets the eye with a lot of characters that you meet in that faction. Nice twist, Blizzard. Nice twist. I also didn't mind the 'free' epic ring gift that was given as a final reward for all the hard work done. For Deli, it's time to move forward to a new reputation daily hub; the Golden Lotus.(shudders) ...

Even panda cubs dream of flying.
Finding different ways to have fun in the game is a favorite past-time of mine. One of the newest tricks I found out about on WoW Insider is to /love or /hug the panda cub wandering by the portal to Pandaria in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. When a player does this a bamboo chute item will appear in your bags which turn your character into the panda cub! Ever since, I've been mounting up in cub form on stag druid mounts or taking a ride on two people mounts like the rocket or dragon. The cute picture above is of me being forcibly unseated from a flight between Dalaran and Dragonblight courtesy of CRZ zoning. Let me tell you, it's a very long trip down to the ground even with a parachute on your back.

Gnome hunters exist!
 Gnome hunters. Where the pet is as cute as can be otherwise anything more aggressive would rather nibble on your gnome than obey any pet commands. Maybe not. This picture is of my husband's(Zapwidget) gnome and myself(the bunny) after playing around with leftover rabbit transformation wands from last year's noblegarden.

Feng the ever living
A while ago I was asked by a fellow girl gamer if I play Horde solely or do I have Alliance alts too? This made me realize that I have been rather Horde-centric lately. The reasons as to why is a bit complicated but basically I am hiding from my Alliance raid team. Don't get me wrong. They are really fun people. Unfortunately, there is something that has been missing which I'll mention in a bit. In this picture, we downed the Stone Guardians and made our way to Feng the Accursed which is a rather linear fight.
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
After downing Feng we went straight to Gara'jal which is considered the DPS check fight in Mogu'shan vaults. The Alliance raid team I run with(I'm the panda girl shammy!) has a set amount of hours that we raid each night. When we got here we had about ten minutes left for an attempt or two. We took a minute to learn the strategy for the fight and got Gara'jal down to 20% on the first try. A little bit more time on him and we'll have his loot!

Garalon the giant kunchong of doom
The 'thing' that is missing from my Alliance team is something related to the picture above. Which is to say, I receive the same feeling of being with a bunch of strangers alike one does in grouping up in LFR as I do with people I have been raiding with for about two and half years. We've been struggling to find guildmates that want to stay with us for longer then a few weeks. Whether this is due to our casual attitude when it comes to raiding or because of the sluggish realm we are playing upon I cannot say for certain.

Our kill pics are never neat or orderly xD
So we have been pugging in different people left and right to be able to raid on the weekends. Some of these pugs are bad. Some are not raid alert at all or are people that pretend to be elitists and attempt to shove their way of doing things onto the rest of my guildmates. Despite this, these pugs are still being invited to raid with us. It's something I can't stand anymore so I've been finding excuses to not show up or simply hide on a Horde alt as to not cause drama. Even if we down monster bosses together with these pugs it's still not a 'guild feeling' of close friends coming together to play.

This is photo-manipulated from several pictures
The happy times I have with close friends while hanging out in World of Warcraft is the feeling I am not getting anymore. Which is something that I miss and currently am looking for elsewhere even if it means spending more time on the opposite faction. Until then, I still have memories of the good ol'days which I will always cherish.

Thanks for reading!