Treasure Hunters: Part Two

Treasure Hunters: Part Two

Through out Pandaria there are hidden treasures filled with rares, epics, patterns, and even crafting materials. There is even a 'Lost and Found' exploration achievement for items that are literally lying around the land. Not only do they grant gold but also experience points based on your current level.

If you are in a party when you find these items it will still appear for the rest of the people in your party after you or someone else clicked it. The loot will be the same for everyone, with slight variation in XP gain. What this means is that the treasures are character-phased. Looting a treasure doesn't affect the treasures on other characters. They will still be there!

What better way to level then by simply exploring? Let's go!

Jade Forest

Offering of Rememberance  
Shrine robbing at its finest. This 30 gold item is found at (46.3, 80.7) in the Jade Forest. Technically, it's on the shrine itself. It looks like a little money bag which contains about 30G and applies a debuff called, "Chastised" to players who loot it. The buff itself has no actual effect but it's a fun one to see.

Stash of Gems
Located in the entrance to a cave found on Windward Isle around (62.6, 26.7). You'll know you are at the right cave if you see the imp-like creature called "Shadowfae Madcap" in it. The location of the 'Stash of Gems' itself is at (62.45, 27.52) which is against the right wall. Make sure to kill Shadowfae Madcap and any other mobs you may have picked up before attempting to loot this treasure. Otherwise you risk the chance of it despawning and not being able to collect it on any character.

Valley of the Four Winds

Virmen Treasure Cache 
You'll need a flying mount to reach this one. It's located on a high cliff at 23.19 30.75 hidden under some brush. The entrance itself is easy to spot because there are some red flowers, a large wooden door, some rope, and surprisingly, two empty boxes of take-away Chinese!

Boat-Building Instructions 
Simple money at a whopping 10 gold but it does have an effective EXP gain. This item is located at (92, 39) at the east of the cliffs in the easternmost portion of the zone. Go down the cliffs to find the item. Look for it at the hut with three wild sharphorns milling about outside of it.

Krasarang Wilds

Stack of Papers 
These can be found in Krasarang Wilds. It is on top of the hill on the island where you get the quests to  kill crocs and birds, and where you make the raft to go out into the water. Specifically located at (52.2, 73.4) in the Nayeli Lagoon subzone, just north of Marista. The numbers on the papers are a date and time stamp for when Diablo 3 went online, May 15th, 2012 at 12:01AM PDT!

Townlong Steppes

Abandoned Crate of Goods 
Found this at (62, 34) in Townlong Steppes, at the northernmost portion of the wall. The object was on the ground in the northern most burning tent with a Shan'ze Obliterator(Elite) positioned right in front of it and a few more patrolling the area. It contained about 100 gold.

Hardened Sap of Kri'vess 
This 110 gold item is a random spawn around the roots of the world tree Kri'vess. I've found this one despawned when I collected it and my friend wasn't also able to collect it despite being in a party. No worries, the treasure did not disappear. It simply spawned in one of the multiple locations it can be found around the tree.  If the same happens to you then just keep hunting around the tree and you'll find it again.

Fragment of Dread  
This 90 gold item is another multiple spawn point treasure. First go to (48, 88) which brings you to the Niuzao Catacombs, west of the Niuzao Temple. When you enter the catacombs look for the pool of dark water. What's important about the pool are the connecting rooms around it. Check each one for the fragment and make sure to kill the mobs before attempting to loot it!

BONUSHuggalon the Heart Watcher(Elite)
He wants to be friends!
Test your class skills! Found in the same Niuzao Catacombs as the above mentioned 'Fragment of Dread' he is a lvl92 Elite and has 4215k health. He drops the item: B. F. F. Necklace. The item has a 1-day cooldown, and the recipient receives a buff called "B.F.F." which reads: "Friends forever!". I'm pretty sure he is soloable by most classes with damage reduction/heal capabilities but to be sure you get the kill I would bring a friend with you just in case. The only downfall to bringing friends is that he drops only one necklace item per kill. However don't fret! His respawn time is around 15-20 minutes.

Amber Encased Moth
Found it on (65, 86) in Townlong Steppes, in the Dusklight Hollow canyon filled with Agitated Nettleskins. The same area where one quests for the volatile orbs. It's in a small recess in the cliffs, next to one of the big roots with the amber bubbles on them.

Good luck, thanks for reading, and happy treasure hunting!