Thrall Comes back to the Horde

World of Warcraft Movie, An orc with braids sharpens a weapon
Blizzard has released a new cinematic. Saurfang wants to cement a good future for his Horde and in order to do that he must seek out the original leader, Thrall. When Saurfang journeys to Nagrand, Outland he learns he's not the only one seeking out his friend. Read on to find out more!

Saurfang searches for Thrall in Nagrand

World of Warcraft, Two Orcs talk in front of a tribal hut
Thrall and Saurfang, best friends forever
Thrall and Saurfang meet in Nagrand, Outland. If you look carefully you can see the Mountain of Spirits, Oshu'gun in the background. Saurfang's much older than Thrall but just look at how taller, muscular, and lean his frame is while Thrall is simply bulky and a bit short. Saurfang's a boss!

WoW Movie, A cloaked assassin brandishes two curvy daggers
Undead Rogue making a bad choice
By the way, when you're watching the new cinematic take a good look at the undead rogues that appear. Do any of them even appear with any bony knees or show any bones at all? It's almost as if they're only zombies in appearance not unlike how the undead appear in-game.

Have fun! See the new World of Warcraft Cinematic on Youtube:

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