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Recently stumbled on a Reddit post that talked about older players still mingling about the younger ones in World of Warcraft. It got me thinking about how many years I've played on WoW to date and now that I'm no longer considered 'hellishly young' (sobs) when exactly do I stop playing it? Do I even stop playing any kind of video games?

If I don't ever stop then am I going to wither away in old age with gaming headphones, keyboard, and mouse in hands? A dozen cases of supreme energy boosts emptied out and incapable of giving my body any type of boost whatsoever. Ugh, that's a bit depressing.

So where does that put you? Imagine being 63 years old like the above pictured player. Family, responsibilities, at the age of retirement but not quite there yet. Are the older players banding together because they can't find guilds that will take them as they are or is it because they find that they no longer connect with anyone younger?

The honest truth to realize is that the older a person gets the slower one becomes. Reaction skills, ability to process problems and situations. Hand and eye coordination. All of that and more simply slows down because of natural aging. Which means it sorta makes an older player a bit of burden. This is of course is all hypothetical and not all based on factual research. Put down those pitchforks.

But it very well could mean that older players have to form their own guilds to raid in any MMO (or other game) out of necessity. I don't believe there are any hardcore top raiders in there 60's is there? Not that I can recall offhand.

At the very least the older players are still having fun. A silver lining that despite the numbers game in age that a player can remain a player even if they're ninety.

Keep on gaming!


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