Snapshots: FreeTime

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(¸.·´ (¸.* Ever wish that you could escape to a tropical paradise? Unwind at a sauna, swim in the sea, meet the locals, visit landmarks, and find hidden treasures? So do I! However, until I can actually do that sort of thing I have World of Warcraft to sate those desires. Sorta. We don't have saunas in-game do we? I suppose we can imagine our characters sitting in a moonwell and pretending it's an exotic hot spa. o.O

Warlock Green Fire quest:

On a mission in Outland.
Start of the green fire questline.
I finally caved in to the hype surrounding the warlock green fire quest. After several weeks of farming rare spawn mobs on Isle of Thunder. The tome finally dropped into Delicacy's hands. I won't spoil the questline for the warlocks that haven't yet begun their epic journey to fel fire. However, the scenario that one needs to complete to actually acquire the fel flame is a bit of doozy. The final boss takes quite of bit of preparation for if your warlock is not in decent Throne of Thunder gear.

Looking For Raid Finder:

Having a small party before engaging the hydra boss.
Mammoth mount train!
Great balls of fire. . .
A month or two backwards in time I use to run LFR quite a bit on my alts. Nowadays it's something I do every now and again. I pretty much burnt myself out on LFR by running the same content repeatedly. Despite the constant runs in LFR I am still not far along in the legendary quest set up by Blizzard. The farthest I've reached is to receive the sha-touched gem for the sha-touched weapon. Once I hit the part of the quest where I had to reach 6000 valor I pretty much said to hell with the whole thing.

Isle of This and That:

Even dinosaurs like to soak up rays in a hot sauna.
My husband's Tauren warrior.
Look at me! I'm a giant moo!
The Thunderforge area. Come make your 25K weapons here!

The two pictures of the Tauren warrior were made into wallpapers for my husband's(he loved them) desktop. He had whined a small bit that there wasn't enough pictures of his characters in my Warcraft blog. I told him he was a silly nut. The final fight with Lei shen in LFR is quite doable now that his mechanics had been nerfed for the non-focused player. The last group I was in had only wiped to him twice. Quite a change from the first time I encountered the Thunder King. We had spent over four hours trying to down him!

Until next time, thanks for reading,
-All My Alts