Snapshots for December - Part Two

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(¸.·´ (¸.* Snapshots for December - Part Two

Happy New Years everyone! As it was the end of 2012 and that meant that it was only appropriate to post up my monthly snapshots. The end of the year always leaves me feeling quite nostalgic. I'm really happy to have a ton of fun memories so I'm split the post into two parts. The first part can be found at this link.

Squid of Doom!
 There are some ocean waters that you do not want to fish in Dread Wastes.

Panda Starter Zone is beautiful
One of the many reasons to roll a panda is to explore the lush beauty of the Pandaren starter zone.

Mogushan vaults Raid time!
After a week of struggling with dailies and heroics I finally got geared enough to see a bit of endgame raiding.

Jinyu rare spawn hunting
 My first time leveling a warlock and my first rare spawn kill. This Jinyu was in the middle of a Sha-touched village. I learned after my third death to kite him out and behind the village hut to avoid the pathing mobs.

Turtle Power!
 One of the Horde intro quests has you jettison across a waterfall to find some gear. It's so much fun I mounted on my turtle and kept going back and forth. Whee!

Wanderers Festival at night
Gathering for the Wanderers Festival
 The two pictures above were taken as I waited for the Wanderers Festival to begin. It's a nice mini event that you can witness and gain an achievement for attending. If you're a pet collector there's also a chance to tame one of the rare three turtle pets that spawn at the start of the event.

Turkey time
One of my alts was still in turkey form from the Thanksgiving holiday. I wish I could keep that costume forever. It's fun to cast with it!
Surfing the air waves
Currently leveling up a Belf monk. I had no idea that the monk class would be so engaging. Not only do you have cool abilities but access to good food buffs, weapons, and also a Mortal Kombat-like daily quest to give you an experience boost. Yes please!

Thanks for viewing!
I'm really happy to have shared this year with you all and I hope to see each other in 2013. Happy new year everyone! Here’s to lucky 2013!